Basketball Boot Camp

Calling all hoopers!

If you are in junior high school and you want to make the high school basketball team this is a chance for one-on-one basketball training. You will learn how to read the court, pass, defend, shoot, block shots and score layups such as finger rolls, reverse layups and much more. If you have dreams of making the varsity team your freshman year this is an awesome opportunity for you to chase that dream. We will help you make your dream a reality. This is an all summer basketball boot camp.

The way it works:

You tell us what high school you want to go to and we will find out exactly what they look for and train with you on those specific areas.

How will we train:

We will travel to different cities in LA county and see how other Hooper’s hoop, like the famous Venice Beach.  We will visit and speak with High School coaches and get their personal tips. We will go to colleges and different basketball tournaments and learn off watching other Hooper’s. We will go running at the beach in the sand, in the mountains and will do a lot of cardio and strength training. We will learn the correct basketball terms and rules and regulations of the modern-day High School basketball league by reading books and articles. We will read books written by NBA superstars on how to play the game. We will watch films of Champions and losers. We will learn how to lose with dignity and win with humility. We will learn there is no dream too big to be a reality and no Giant too big to be crossed over, pump faked or shot on with the proper skill set.

If you need help academically in order to bring your GPA up to par so you can make the basketball team, we will help you with that also. By the end of summer your academics will be up and your basketball game will be on point. You’ll be better than you were ever before because we won’t stop training until you are.

We Supply meals+vitamins and team shirts

Contact us as soon as possible so we can put you on the MVP list.

213-429-8799 ask to be signed up with the Hoopers.

Young Leaders And The Gospel

This GOSPEL boot camp is for junior high and high school students. It gets deep in the Bible, clears up any misunderstandings and is led by BIBLE believers. You will learn the truth in the Bible and your identity in Christ and who Christ wants you to be.

We at Ariel Cornerstone believe if someone has a passion for Christ and wants to learn and be taught the Bible then it should be completely free of charge. We at Ariel Cornerstone believe in the Bible a hundred percent and know that God will provide. The scripture say to seek GODS KINGDOM and his RIGHTEOUSNESS first and everything else will follow. So that’s what we do.

How it works:

The first day you come with any questions that you may have about the truth and we will answer them, then Bible studies will be 3 to 4 days out of the week. Everything taught will come straight out of the Bible, we won’t add anything, we won’t take anything away.

What will we do:

We will go on mission trips to different cities and states and third world countries to spread the love of Jesus Christ.

213-429-8799 ask to be signed up with Young Leaders And The Gospel.


More programs and camps coming when we have the qualified man power.