What We Offer

Service Elements

After School and Summer Enrichment Program 

The program will incorporate physical education, tutoring, STEM courses and art-related enrichment activities.

BOOT CAMPS: Mind And Body

After school – our focus is Junior High and High School students.  Our biggest help will come from High School volunteers. The High School students will learn to motivate and help the Junior High athletes realize there capabilities and assist in any way possible to help them reach there goals. In return the High School students will receive life long leadership skills, a new outlook and understanding how beautiful it is to help. They will also receive High School credits towards graduating.

Obstacle course During our after school bootcamp all athletes will make it through a military style obstacle course. The obstacle course will be set up at our facility  or  at a Junior High or High School PE field. Ariel Cornerstone offers Young athletes Fitness and nutritional coaching from experienced professionals.

Homework and Tutoring After the physical activities athletes will participate in tutoring if needed and finish their home work. The tutors will be high school volunteers that want to help junior high students graduate and teachers and parents that want to go above and beyond the norm.

Enrichment programs Once homework has been completed, students will begin an enrichment activity of their choosing. We will offer classes on a rotating schedule. Class offerings will include: artist development, writing, audio engineering, audio and video production, lessons on playing
various instruments, vocal lessons, public speaking, gymnastics, ballet, script writing, and music writing.

STEM Courses These courses will be specifically for students that want to higher their education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We’re thinking future NASA. The curriculum will be focused on learning what different career choices NASA offers. The classes will be taught by individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in math, science, or related fields.  As well, we will invite local professionals as guest speakers.

Young Leaders And The Gospel This program is for junior high and high school students who have a passion for CHRIST and who want to study the HOLY BIBLE in depth. This program will be taught by Christians we will also have special guest appearances and speakers. We will go on mission trips to different cities and States and third world countries to spread the love of JESUS.